Interactions with sensor networks and connected devices lays the ground for real-time data manipulation and decision making

Location-Based Services

NovaGIS uses real-time geospatial data from mobile devices to process and provide information relevant to individuals in real-time


NovaGIS is designed to be easily customised to an organisation’s needs with its plugin architecture and extensive data support


The platform is compatible with multiple desktop, mobile and server operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS)

Featured Solutions


A utilities GIS application that handles all necessary activities in the production and distribution of energy


A specialised GIS solution that integrates 3D GIS technology with wide-area video surveillance systems (CCTV)

Featured Capabilities

Spatial Analysis

Tools to interpret, understand and gain insights from geospatial data

Mapping & Visualisation

Hybrid GIS/map transparency and integration with ERP and big data

Remote Sensing

Geolocation-based integration of sensor systems and video surveillance systems